Thread Facelift: a more youthful look with no downtime

It’s a known fact that as we age, our skin seems to lose the lift that keeps us looking youthful. For many, this means that they are usually forced to consider invasive surgical techniques like traditional facelifts. With fantastic advancements in the aesthetics realm, these aren’t necessary anymore.

At The Smile Emporium, minimising downtime for our patients is a top priority. It’s why we offer cutting-edge, internationally acclaimed treatments that are less daunting and less costly as well.

Meet the Thread Facelift, the lift you’ve been waiting for! Not only is it safe, it’s also non-invasive and the results can be seen right away. Recently, we awarded one as a prize on our Facebook page. Here’s what the recipient had to say about the overall experience:

“Thank you to The Smile Emporium Musgrave and Dr Sheryl Smithies for choosing me as the winner of their Princess Thread Facelift prize. What an experience from start to finish. The Staff are always smiling, happy and so friendly.

The actual procedure was mostly pain-free, but I am very impressed with how quickly it went. It’s something you can do on your lunch break. My recovery time was quick with absolutely minimal bruising and swelling.

Overall, it was a very exciting procedure that I will definitely consider having again. What I love most is that I can see the changes and so can my friends and clients. It looks very natural too.” – Lauren.

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